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Application Stage 2:

Congratulations on passing Stage 1 of the application process! For Stage 2, we want to get a clearer picture of your suitability for this project.  Work through the two stages below and send your submissions to

Part 1:

UWD assistant Leslie will walk you through the choreography count by count.  We also have 4 of our dancers dancing up to tempo with both a front and a back view to help you learn the choreography.  Once you've learned it, you can film yourself performing it.  You should finish the piece with 2 counts of 8 (minimum, but feel free to continue as long as you like) of your own improvisation within the character of the wild horse.  Filming on a phone is perfect, try to make sure we can see you clearly.

The song used is Monster by Jacob Banks.  If you play from 1 minute onwards you will get the introduction into the chorus that we use.

Part 2:

We would love to get more of a feel for who you are.  On your phone, film a short video speaking about the following:

Tell us a bit about your background (where you are from, your dance experience)

Tell us something that makes you unique

Talk to us about something you would love to change about the dance world in the future

When you have your dancing video and speaking video ready, send them either directly, or with a link to wherever they are hosted online, to

We will notify you of the outcome of your audition within 2 weeks.  If successful, you will go to stage 3 which is the final interview stage with Artistic Directors Anna Morgan and Andrea Kramer.

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